UV tops are used across many sea sports by water beach enthusiasts. Though it is predominantly used in surfing, it is also used in many other fields as well. UV tops are manufactured in various fabrics, thickness levels and styles according to their use. There is no particular size for this suit since it is supposed to be tight-fitting. Given below is some information, including certain types of these suits, that will enable you to choose the right UV top.

The Purpose
Though they all may look the same, they differ according to their use. For example, some suits are created to offer UV protection for the user when he/she is exposed to the sun. Others are manufactured to prevent the occurrence of rashes that can be caused due to abrasion. Thus, the styles of these suits can be quite different. Furthermore, some suits are also very loose-fitting unlike the other two. This mainly created for the use of non-swimmers who wish to wear them on top for UV protection.

Thermal Guards
When you purchase from a ladies rash vest sale, double-check to ensure whether it is a thermal guard or not. This type of guard is specifically used by swimmers who are exposed to cold waters for a long period of time. For instance, it would be ideal for a snorkeler. This insulating fabric will provide you warmth underwater and will do the usual trick of preventing rashes as well. These guards should be particularly worn by females and children, since their bodies are more susceptible to be affected by cold water.

Sun Protection Guards
Most females look for UV tops when they shop at a ladies rash vests Australia since they are very concerned about sun burns and tanning. If you are extra sensitive to sunlight, you might as well purchase a full sleeve UV top to be extra cautious. When surfing, these suits are attached to board-short connecters to prevent the suit from going up.

Surf Tees
Unlike a normal guard, these are loose-fitting. They are mainly used for the purpose of UV protection. Main users of this type of guards are people who just wander around the beach without getting into the water. They are usually worn similar to a regular t-shirt since they are comfortable. These materials are also very lightweight since they not used for abrasion prevention.
So, before you make your purchase, make sure to consider the purpose of use to buy the most suitable girls long sleeve rashie type of guard.